495th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron
Detachment 1 / OL-A
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The 495th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron evolved several times over the history of the 497th Reconnaissance Technical Group.  We heard stories that it existed in the early days when the US headquarters were in France, and again that it existed at Kaiserslautern.

Near the end, it was formed again through the evolution of the 497ths Operating Location A a Ramstein AB, which evolved into Detachment !, and ultimately to the 497th RTS.

We trust that the alumni of this chaotic history will fill in the obvious voids and perhaps set straight some of our errors of assumption.

We do know that at the end, as the 496th RTS and the 497th were winding down, and migrating some of their personnel into the newly formed Joint Analysis Center at RAF Molesworth, some of the staff from the 495th also joined the JAC Crew.
Schierstein Harbor
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496th RTS/Alconbury
495th RTS / Det 1 / OL-A
RAF Molesworth
Capt Gallagher cases the Det-1 Guideon as the unit transitions into the 495th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron