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From the 1984 Reconnaissance Technical Managers booklet prepared by the 496th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron

A Brief History
10th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing
and the 496th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron

The 10th and 496th Reconnaissance Technical Squadrons have had a varied, interwoven background.

It all started with the activation of the 1-th Tactical Reconnaissance Technical Squadron and Duroc, Caseren, Point-a-Mousson, France, in July 1954 (from elements of the 117th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing, presently in a Air National Guard unit in Birmingham, Alabama).  In December 1952, the 10th Tactical Reconnaissance Group relocated to Vogelweh Cantonment, Kaiserslautern (now Vogelweh) with the 10th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron as part of the move.

In April 19589, the 10t Reconnaissance Technical Squadron was re-subordinated to HQ USAF operational control.  Meanwhile the 10th Tactical Reconnaissance Group, relocated to Spangdahlem Air Base, and later RAF Alconbury, as a Wing.

The 496th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron was formed in July 1959 at Vogelweh form the inactivate 10th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron and assigned to 17th Air Force.  The unit continued a mission of mapping, charting and target material production, as illustrated in the unit emblem.  The 497th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron, at that time, provided manpower and technical assistance to set up the unit.  In July 1961, the 496th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron was deactivated and the 497th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron assumed its mission.

The 10th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron was reactivated at RAF Alconbury in July 1969 and assigned to the 10th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing.  Through the last 13 years, the 10th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron has supported Wing and USAFE imagery intelligence production requirements.

The 496th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron again assumes the challenge of  tradition passed on from the 10th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron.

With the activation of the 4967th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron comes new broad responsibilities, working closely with the 497th Reconnaissance Technical Group to improve support to United States Air Forces in Europe and theater combat forces.

496th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron Command

Commander: Captain James D. Gallagher
Senior Enlisted Advisor: SMSgt Robert D. Lewis
Chief, Precision Photo Processing:Captain Michael L. Sylke
Chief, Exploitation and Analysis Section: 2d Lt Carl D. Livermore

496RTS Mission

The 496th Reconnaissance Technical Squadron (RTS) processes and exploits reconnaissance imagery of the United States European Command area of responsibility to produce imagery intelligence and products supporting the United States Air Forces Europe and the United States European Command.
They accomplish second phase sensor exploitation, processing and reporting which includes bulk film reproduction to support USAF requirements. The squadron stores, maintains, and distributes tactical target materials and provides reconnaissance technical support, expertise, and guidance to other theaterunits.

Producing photographic materials, the 496RTS supports special requirements including mosaics, briefing graphics, sonne prints, and quick reaction target graphics. The squadron also provides imagery interpretation training for all wing and squadron imagery interpreters.

The NATO Equipment Interpretation Course (NEIC) is a USAFE directed course for imagery interpreters. The course is instructed by 496RTS imagery interpreters that are highly trained for this special task. The 496th has also created a mobile training team in order to get more personnel trained