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During the Fall of 1990 and Spring of 1991 the rumblings of a new mission grew louder in the Molesworth area.  After discussions with the British Government, the United States and NATO authorities, the United States European Command decided to develop RAF Molesworth as a new intelligence base.  In late Spring of 1991 Prime Minister Margaret Thacher authorized the formation of a Joint Analysis Center (JAC) at RAF Molesworth.  After additional planning and  senior level approvals, final approval for the JAC was granted.  The JAC was activated at Molesworth on 1 October 1991.
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The formal activation of the JAC preceeded the inactivation of the 497th.  In sequence, the 496th from RAF Alconbury was the first element incorporated into the JAC, followed serially by elements of the 497th Schiersteing, and some staff from the 495th RTS @ Ramstein AB.

This new center drew from Air Force and Army personnel already assigned or attached to the 497th RTG. The 497th was inactivated in 10July 1992.
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