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Since deactivation in Schierstein, we have set up shop here...on the world wide web
An Air Force Reconnissance Technical Group, formerly headquartered in Schierstein, Near Wiesbaden Germany
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Greetings to alumni and friends of the 497th Reconnaissance Technical Group.

This web site was established to provide support the interests and memories of those who served at Schierstein am Rhein, as well as the 496th RTS and Detachments over the years.  

At this point we know not what directions the site may take, nor how it might grow.  It is an experiment, we think, whose time has come.

So... join us and contribute to the corporate memory and effort.  We solict your ideas and input to the process of constructing this site, in service to you.

We are attempting to consider (but are not limited to) the following components...
History and milestones of the unit since its inception in 1951

Photographs representative of the lifes and times of the 497th and its associated                               organizations and their members

Perhaps pages dedicated to 5 or 10 year periods, cataloging events, activities, photos
and memories associated with those periods, e.g. 25  Years on the Rhein, 
30 Years on the Rhein, etc.

In any event, this is how we expect to grow into something that captures the milestones and memories of the 497th and its constituent organizations over its first 40 years.
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497RTG E-Group
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            497th Reconnaissance Technical Group
                Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards

            1 July 1962          31 January 1964
            1 June 1966        31 December 1967
            1 January 1971   30 June 1972
            1 July 1973          30 June 1972
            1 July 1976          30 June 1978
            1 July 1978          30 June 1979
            1 July 1986          30 June 1988
            1 June 1988           1 July  1990
   1 July 1990   30 June 1992

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Memories and . . .
RAF Molesworth
We maintain another web presence at :  
While this site focuses on history, photos and such, the 497th RTG E-Group is more of a bulletin board where alumni reminisce, share memories and find old friends.
It is a "by subscription" site with controlled access and contains the alumni list for those that compete the registration/validation process (to protect alumni info)...
Here is an airal photo of the Schierstein Compound
taken in 2003... My how things have changed...
548th RTG