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This, I trust, is the beginning of an archive of the experiences and memories of those who served over the 40 years of the 497the Reconnaissance Technical Group and associated organizations. 

We ardently and avidly seek your stories, experiences and fond memories to make this a place to recall fond memories of our lives and times most in Schierstein, but embracing the Ramstein crew, the Anglos in Great Brittain and all those who hold dear the "Country Club on the Rhine" and its contributions not only to Imagery Intelligence, but its lasting impressions on those who served so well.

Of necessity, we begin with pot pouri, whatever I have at hand, and to be sure it will ramble.  but then again, rambling down memory lane can be sweet.  Join us for the trip, and contribute your favorites... 

The sitemiester...

How about let's begin with a tour of Wiesbaden and its notable landmarks that most will remember. (beyond, that is, Prespers, Noah's Arche and Ziggys...)
Walking Tour, Wiesbaden, Germany (Perhaps some of you have photos we can scan in and include in this trip down memory lane...

1.KURPLATZ: On the east side of the Kuranlange is the center for most performance during the Maifestspiele, Wiesbaden's most important cultural event each year
2.KURANLAGE: Is composed of two colonnades.  The Brunnenkolonnade on the north side with its mineral fountain and lounge rooms was built in 1825 and is the location of the annual German-American Women's Club fleamarket each spring.  The Teaterkolonnade on the South side was built in 1839 and contains three theaters of the Hessiche Stattstheater (Hessen State Theater).  Between the cononnades is a garden around two cascading fountains.  At the back of the KURANLAGE is the
3.KURHAUS: Built by Fredrich Von Thiersch between 1904 and 1906.  The Kurhaus contains several richly decorated salons and casino rooms.  Dostojewski's novel "Der Spieleris" is set in the Kurhaus.  Behind ther Kurhaus is an English Garden worthy of note.  Concers are given here or in the Brunnenkolonnade daily.
4.WILHELMSTRASSE  leads South, bordered on one side by beautiful parkland and on the other by elegant shops and sidewalk cafes.  On this famous proinade throughfare is the
5.PRINZENPALAIS  A huge classical building erected between 1813 and 1817.  It now hoses the Ministry of Justice.
WILHELMSTRASSE continues south to Friedrich Ebert Allee, on which is located the
6.STADTISCHE MUSEUM  Which houses collections of ancient artifacts, natural history exhibits and an art gallery containing a large collection of the works of the Russian painter, Alexej Von Lawensky, who lived, painted and was buried in Wiesbaden
Across the street from the Museum is the
7.RHEIN MAIN HALLE  Which was built in 1956 as an assembly building for conferences and exhibits.  It seats about 4000.  Turning west on Rheinstrasse, we reach Luisenplatz with the
8.WATERLOODENKMALA monument erected in 1865 to honor the soldiers of Nassau fallen during the Napoleonic Wars.  On the north side of Luisenplatz is the
9.BONIFATIUSKIRCHE  With its distinctive double towers, a good example of neo-gothic architecture.  We continue on to Bahnhofstrasse to the
10.SCHLOSSPLATZ  With the Loewenbrunne, a fountain erected in 1753 arounc which we see the
11.ALTE RATHAUS  Which is the oldest building in the city, erected in 1604.  In 1828 its timbered construction was replaced by stone.  In the

12.SCHLOSS  The Hessische Landtag (State Legislature) is housed. The double-winged palace was built between 1837 and 1841 to the plan of Georg Moller.  Some of the inner rooms display elegant wall and ceiling painting typical of this late classical period.  Adjoining the palace is a building called the Kavaliershaus.  On Schlossplatz is also the
13.MARKTKIRCHE  Another neo-gothic structure built between1832 and 1862 from soft red brick.  The Schlossplatz is in the heart of one of the modern city conceptions, the walking zone, designed to preserve an atmosphere of leisure and space so important to the historical aspect of the city.  Northwest from the Schlossplatz is the
14.HEIDENMAUER  A reconstruction of part of the city wall built by the Romans in 370 AD.  Also to the north of the Schlossplatz, we find one of the famous mineral springs in Wiesbaden, the
15.KOCHBRUNNEN  From which flows 500,000 liters of mineral water daily at a temperature of 64.7 degrees centigrade.
--Two kilometers from he city center rises a high hill which serves as a panorama point for the valley between Mainz and Wiesbaden.  This hill is called the

16.NEROBERG  (245 meters high) On the hillsides of the Neroberg grow quality Riesling grape, the wine from which establishes Wiesbaden's place at the heart of the white wine region of Germany, the Rheingau.  Here also is located a favorite open-air recreation area, the Opelbad.  Here also we find the
17.RUSSISCHE KAPELLE, which of course with its five golden towers, has become a symbol for Wiesbaden.  It was built in the middle 1800s as a mausoleum for the young Duchess of Nassau.  Upon her death in childbirth, the Duke had her dowry utilized for this memorial.
-- Four kilometers to the south of Wiesbaden, in the suburb city of Biebrich, the Nassau Summer Residence was located.  This palace is now called
18.SHLOSS BIEBRICH  one of the loveliest residences in Germany.  The south faces the Rhein river and the central rotunda is crowned with figures of Attica.  The building was constructed from 1700 to 1744.  Each year at Whitsuntide, the international riding and jumping competitions take place in the park behind the palace.  The park was laid out in 1811 by the garden architect Von Skell to resemble an English Garden.

Next, some favorite places to eat...
Gastauses / Restaurants

Alte Winzerhalle, Niederwalluf
Hahenhof, Mainz
Piccolo, Mainz-Kastell
Zum Romerburt, Rambach
Hof Nurnberg (The Farm)
Ruppert, Niederwalluf
Spit (Jugosov) Wieland Str
Zum Wiessen Mohren, Walluf
Ratskeller, Wiesbaden
Globetrotter, Penta Hotel
Weihenstephan, Biebrich
Gruner Baum, Schierstein
Jagerstube, Krautgartenstrasse
Prespers (Fritz's)(Norbert)
Ziggy's, Schierstein
Knossses, Biebrich
Rhine Main, Gustavsburg
The Castle, Sonnenburg
Marty Creperie, Wilhelm Strasse
Alt Krone, Sonnenberg Str
Rhine Main Grill, Reinstr
Alt Budapest, Albrech Str
Rheinterrassen Rheingou Str
La Traverna,
Noah's Arche, Schierstein
Burg Schwartenstein

More to come, as I find and post it...