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The 497th Link Page
This page is provides links to other websites of possible interest to 497th RTG Alumni.  If you know of a website that should be included here, send me an e-mail

The 497th IG

Activated  at Bolling in October 1993 to preserve the legacy and history of 497th RTG.  Although dated, this FAS page contains some history of interest. (info is dated)
FAS Link to AIA Spoksman

More info gathered and posted by the FAS, this link 1997 is to an AIA Spokesman Site index.
Federation of American Scientists

This link takes you to the FAS home site. The FAS has collected and posted many links to intelligence related activities -- including the Recce Techs and related organizations.
Air Intelligence Agency

Link to the Air Intelligence Agency located at Kelly Field, San Antonio.
Many of the old Recce Techs morphed into "Intel" Squadrons, Groups or Wings, and now it seems they have morphed again into all source intelligence organizations, termed "Information Operations"
Here you can find the 480 IG at Langley, and th 544 IG at Peterson Field, Colorado, among others...

National Imagery & Mapping Agency (NIMA)

Link to the NIMA Home Page
Air Intelligence Agency

Another link which sketches some of the changes in the imagery intelligence community

Mike Weatherford's Web Site

This is a personal home/business site that has a good description of Mike's tours at Schierstein
Global Security - Molesworth

This site is a handy catalog of military installations, history and mission information.  Some comes from the Federation of American Scientists, some from Mr. John Pike and others
Molesworths Predecessor, 303rd BG Website

Has history background on Molesworth
JAC - Capt Cothron USN takes command

Stars and Stripes article 10 Aug 2001
548th RTG